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Embedded Systems

Linux at your command 

The Embedded Systems course is designed for fresh faces to the embedded domain as well as the experienced looking to expand their horizon in this ever growing space.


The C Programming Language 

Learn about Embedded C. 
You will learn about Bit Operations, Pointers,
Data Structures, Coding Standards, Dynamic Memory Allocation.


BootLoaders, Kernel, RFS

The kick-off.

This is where life starts. Boot the boards and bring it to life. Understand the anatomy and the various libraries available. 


Linux Internals

Understand the building blocks of a Linux system. Going deeper layer by layer and understanding how to hack the kernel to your advantage


Linux Build Tools

Learn about make and popular non-make based tools used for building Linux.

Understand build scripts.


Debugging the Linux Kernel

Learn how to debug Applications with core dumps.

Learn to debug he Linux kernel and  device drivers

Experience Trainings @ The WinningBase

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Live Projects with a Green Touch

Working on live projects and solving day to day problems. Along with providing solutions making sure that the environment is conserved. Understanding phrases like Performance, Scalabilty, Energy-saving at the ground level


Premises near the IT Corridor

Having a stocked premises at the heart of the IT corridor, accessible, safe and available to all our mentees even after they have finished their courses


Ample lab facilities

At The Winningbase we feel that DIY will take your learning to the next level. The same also reflects in our Moto - Learn, Develop, Grow. 


Liss Arcade, L-149/A, Ground Floor, 5th Main, 6th Sector, HSR Layout, Bangalore - 560034


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